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Pretty item of the day: Scented candles Tesco extra ✨

I had my pretty item of the day post all written up and ready for publishing today from last night and then today I saw Laura’s post. Her post about her beautiful Winter candles reminded me that I only have one more day until I can open up my Yankee candle advent calendar! Ah Christmas is vast approaching, I also went shopping in Tesco extra and saw the below candle set. Her post made me want candles ASAP bearing in mind that I wanted to behave and save my calendar for tomorrow, the six candles where only £8.00- I also notice the cute wax burner that was only £10.00. My day got even better they had a buy three for two offer on so picked a burner up ‘which included 6 melts’ as a Christmas present for a family member. Do you love candles? I just put my tree up and some decorations, my home is feeling rather festive tonight and I even have some mince pies and cream ready to add to the mood – Thanks Tesco extra!

The six candles fragrances…

-Santa’s treat.

-Sparkling cinnamon spice.

-Merry cherry.

-Candy cane.

-Winter morning.

-Fresh balsam fir.

The wax melt cubes are all the cosy sparkling cinnamon spice fragrance and both sets are home inspiration by Yankee candle. I want to light them all! I also have my calendar to get through so it’s safe to say my home will smell welcoming for our family members over Christmas.

update: (the box is upside down to the candles my sister just phoned me demanding I retake the picture, I am not a perfectionist and too busy eating my mice pies.)… Mice pies… she just phoned me for that as well, I need sleep okay I will stop updating this post now- Mince pies!



3 thoughts on “Pretty item of the day: Scented candles Tesco extra ✨

  1. Have you tried the pomegranate and peach, or the amber and fig candles from Sainsburys? I picked them up earlier this week. I can’t wait to try them. One of them was supposed to be fo my best friend, but I don’t know if I can bare to gift them, lol.


  2. I have not and if I ever get through all of mine I will have to give them ago. I always have that problem and even did that recently, what they don’t know won’t hurt them 😉 p.s I just finished writing your letter… be prepared for glitter to fall out haha! x


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