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Christmas gift guide: For mum ✨

My mum is my best friend! In fact she is my everything and deserves the world. Christmas day is extra special for her as it is not only the day to celebrate Christmas but also her birthday, she is so hard to shop for though. I have searched high and low all over online and think I might have found some things that I can get her, I am sure she will see this list and say if she doesn’t see anything appealing. What do you plan on getting your mum? here’s my list so far…

Firstly I can totally just get her a picture of Logan a picture is always an easy option, she loves filling her house up with pictures of both the boys ‘Logan and my Nephew’. I even last year got her a calendar with a cute picture of Logan on each month, we also got a few other member of the family one… pictures are for sure an easy option.


My mum brought herself a Pandora bracelet last year after seeing my beautiful one that Rob got me, she is fussy so we had no hope in getting one for her. She is even being fussy now after months of me nagging that I want to get a charm for her she has finally agreed to picking one on Saturday. Yes picking, she is so fussy that she has no faith in me surprising her with a charm, I like this primrose charm one and if you do read this post mum don’t worry it’s just an idea and it might be £60.00 but you are worth every penny!




Who doesn’t love perfume? My mum always asks for perfume for Christmas I also do as well and last year she got me the beautiful Olympia set. I would love to buy her a perfume that she did not ask for and I think this Gucci miniature set might be a winner, she could test them all and in the future I will know what ones she likes.




Are you the type of girl to raid your mums wardrobe? I sure am and see if I got her these adorable Fox socks from Newlook I could then borrow them ‘wink’. They are only £7.99 and she also loves foxes like me, I don’t think she would let me steal them.








Robs mum ordered a fun box of things from The Box Of Lame Company for his sister and I was wondering what the site was, I love this hello beautiful print and it’s only £2.49. I have found so many fun things on their site and that print would be so nice to gift my mum, I found them on Instagram and oh my their Christmas box looks like it will be tempting to get and it would be a perfect gift for somoene.





My mum has always had killer lips and always rocks a pretty lipstick, I think though she needs her first Mac lipstick after all of the ones she has gifted me over the years. She has not tested one out yet so I think it’s time that she did, they are £15.50 but worth the money!





My mum does not read or buy films or even need any home gifts, I have the hardest mum to shop for but these items seem like good choices. I am sure she will hopefully find some other things she might like when we go shopping in Plymouth on Saturday, I am now stuck at what to get my dad! More online browsing here I come… Any more ideas appreciated!





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