Christmas giveaway ✨

I am so pleased to say I nearly have 100 WordPress followers! You guys are great, I never thought I would have one follower after blogging for only four months let alone nearly 100. I would have waited until I hit the 100 mark but with shipping being so close to Christmas I don’t want to leave the lucky winner of these treats waiting too long. What better to give than some yummy shortbread biscuits and a box of my favourite chocolates, I really do appreciate all the comments, follows and likes that everyone has showered my blog with. I will stop rambling… the deadline to enter for these goodies is next Thursday the 1st December, I look forward to gifting these to someone. To enter scroll down…


A Rafflecopter giveaway <<< click here


8 thoughts on “Christmas giveaway ✨

  1. Aww thanks 🙂 I wanted to write a thank you letter to you before but didn’t have your address. If you want to be penpals you can always DM on Instagram 🙂 I’d love to write to you!
    I love Sainsburys too! Did you get anything on the double up event recently? I bought some more pjs! Did you ever get the ones you wanted on your birthday wish list? I have to admit you’re bad influence on me when I see your pretty things of the day, I’m always like ‘ooooh I want that!’

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  2. That would be so fun! I’ll send you a letter first ‘I will hunt your address down in my inbox’ and test out my letter skills, Double up event?! Did I miss out on a fun sale? And I call myself a shopaholic. < bad shopaholic
    I got some pyjamas recently as well in Primark, I found when I looked at the pyjamas from Sainsbury they would either of been baggy on me or not very flattering. I did end up getting the two bottoms set though 🙂
    I want it all as well! I need to win the lottery, I do love pay day when I look back and think what is the best items I can afford x


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