Tescos sticker catalogue ✨

Does your child/ren like to write a note to santa? Or even just a simple list of the things they would like to receive on Christmas day? Logan is only two and this year is the first year that he is aware of the things he wants, or in other words he can say ‘Mama I want this, I lub it’- he is yet to master the v in love. Well apparently Tescos are there to help us parents and even entertain our children, have you seen their sticker toy catalogue? I have found it so fun and helpful that I wanted to show you it. No, I have not got writers block and resorted to blogging about a catalogue, it really is great…


So why is the book so great? Well for a start it’s free and located inside it is a Christmas sticker sheet. Logan has a thing where he just loves to fill my house, walls, tv and just everything with stickers, this book he actually sat down and showed such an interest in. He had to take a minute to absorb all the fun stickers then chose which one that he wanted.


The catalogue is of course filled with a huge selection of toys, from baby toys to older kids toys and even a Tsum Tsum page! Please tell me that you know what a Tsum Tsum teddy is…? I am like Tsum… I mean Logan is Tsum Tsum obsessed. I explained to Logan that with the sticker that he chose he could place it on a toy that he liked, of course he saw Spiderman and had place his sticker on him.

There is more great fun to the book, in the book they also have some craft ideas that you can do with your kids and the book even has colouring pages. I think Logans favourite was the ‘can you find me?’ blanked out pictures that you needed to find the matching sticker for- on the bottom left picture.

I could also use it to note down what I plan on buying for Logan and even maybe a checklist of the things I have already got. What do you think of this catalogue? would your little one have as much fun as Logan did?



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