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This weeks fun (16) ✨

This week was my first week back at work after three weeks off and it has been a killer, my feet where well and truly killing after each shift. I was feeling pretty pooped yesterday and thought I will be sat here glum with no this weeks fun. Rob being the sweetie he is made our weekend amazing, I have had such a nice day with my little family. I have on the plus as well blogged alot this week, I have had the worst insomnia so been up each night until four in the morning, tea has been a life saver in the day. Here is what we have been up to other than my sore feet, sleepy days and work.

  • I phoned my mum up on Monday and it just so happened that she was in town, I stopped cleaning and went to meet her for breakfast. I love our catch-ups we speak everyday nearly, how have we not run out of things to talk about? I love that she loves my blog, I think I have my first fan. ❤



  • Rob wanted to get Logan a top that said ‘skater boy’ on it this week, I protested in the defence that Logan has never been a skater boy. Rob sulked and put it back on the shelf, half an hour later when in a toy shop Logan grabbed a skateboard. We offered other toys and nope he did not want to part with it, we got the skateboard and it seems we need to go back and get the top.




  • Logan has so many little friends, I have lost count on how many parties we have attended this year. He keeps coming home with birthday invites from his nursery friends as well, we had such a cute day at his friends 1st birthday. Logan rocked his new shoes and even had to bring his skateboard, I forgot to get cake sad times.




  • Primark, Truro finally opened their store. If we had more money I would have brought the whole store, Rob gets paid this week we might have to pop back up… I am now poor but got some new pyjamas, shoes for Logan and some fun Christmas hair accessories to wear. I will share my buys this week, do you love Primark?



  • Thanks mum, I really fancied an indian so she treated us to one. Rob perfected it by picking us up some cake while getting electric, I am so ready for bed tonight ‘I hope I can fall asleep’ I have just watched the Xfactor and I am not watching it anymore, why do all the best acts get booted of?! did you watch it?


I hope you have a lovely week to come, I am dreading next week. I will have no time to blog and pretty much need to write loads of posts up tomorrow while Logan is in nursery, wish me luck. How do you manage you blog with hardly any time available?




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