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Pretty items of the day: Baking mixure in jars ✨

As you may have noticed I like to do some baking in my kitchen, I may not be a pro but I am slowly learning how to not burn my food. Do you like baking? Last Christmas Rob got me a cookie mixture in a cute jar, from Newlook. I have just noticed online loads of fun ingredients in jars that I need, want and just have to get at least one of them. Here are some I would love to bake up and enjoy eating over this festive season.



I love baking Rob brownies, he always eats the lot in a few days. This Brownie mixture looks oh so yummy, the asking price is £8.98 from Etsy. How cute is the top caption on the picture ‘Wrapped by hand’ can I also read right! Double chocolate, hmm…






Etsy again, I could eat mints all day and better yet I could happy bake up and eat this Peppermint Brownie Mix in a jar. Can I just scoop the top layer of mints out and eat them? Then that would be a waste of £8.98, I bet the mixture when cooked is worth the wait while cooking.







I have decided Etsy is the place with all the best jars, this cookie mixture is £7.62. Last year my cookies stuck to my grease proof paper, I would have to remember to grease the paper slightly.






Christmas cookie mixture, how perfect for the upcoming season. I wonder what these cookies come out looking like when cooked, this is the most expensive jar at £10.65.









This list is just getting better and better, I am intrigued with this fruity fudge cookie mix. Fruity fudge? I have never heard of such a thing, the jar is £8.95. Etsy again…





After having the yummiest gingerbread latte the other day in Costa, I have a sweet tooth for gingerbread at the minute. I could happily wash down this gingerbread mix  with a latte, of course once cooked up. The jar is £7.95




I have to add in this Hot chocolate mixture, this jar would spoil me it also contains some peppermints. The jar is £8.95, do you like a nice hot chocolate?






How fun are these jars! Would you get one to bake up? I want them all, I am most tempted with the gingerbread mixture; All the jars are from Etsy.


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