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Toddler Christmas pyjamas ✨

I love warm snuggly pyjamas and a nice pair of slippers. I love Matalan’s alder hey Christmas charity campaign pyjamas, this will be the charity’s third year. They have raised so far 1.3 million combined in the alphabet scarves and beanie vs bobble in the previous Christmas fundraising appeals.


‘Matalan is delighted to announce Anna Friel, Alesha Dixon and George & Larry Lamb as partners with the ‘Get Your Stripes’ campaign supporting the charity by wearing the matching pyjamas in the official campaign imagery.’  adlder hey 17/10/2016


They do the pyjamas from ages tiny baby to adults Here, HEY! Where are the adult ones? They must have sold out, at least I can get a pair of their fluffy strippy socks here for only £3.00. Do you like the strippy pyjamas?


I have also found more toddler pyjamas that I like the look of, I can never decide with so many great things out there.


Rudolph the red nose reindeer had a very shiny nose, apart from the little chap on these pyjamas. This set from Ebay starts from £5.99 ages 1-8 years .


Logan would most appreciate this Paw patrol set from Ebay, you can get them either in red or blue. Does your child/ren watch the popular show? I am keeping my eye out for some Paw patrol wrapping paper. The set starts from £6.69 ages 3-7 years.


HO HO HO, Merry Christmas – I have never understood the ‘Ho Ho Ho’ … why does Santa say that? These pyjamas I would like, they sadly only do them in sizes 2-8 years. I love Logan in white, not that his whites stay white… they start from £5.59.


Finally I have found a set that has my size, plus Logans we can all match. This Tree set starts from £4.29 and for my size they are £9.99… guess my size ha! Ebay again, seems they have a huge range of Christmas pyjamas.

We are spoilt for choice, I think I am leaning towards the Matalan’s alder hey Christmas charity campaign pyjamas. The cause itself is what Christmas is about to me, giving and helping others. I have worked each year for a reason, to share a special time with people in need. What pair would you go for? Then Christmas isn’t just one day, if I was to get a secound pair I would go for the Tree pair.



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