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Childrens advent calendars ✨

I posted an Adult advent calendar the other day and now I have to share the great kids ones I have found. Christmas is eight weeks away and creeping up fast, I have also been thinking about people who have less than us. I really want to do a couple of those boxes you fill and send off to less fortunate children, there is also a local one I can do for the homeless to provide warm items. I have notice Morrison have a box you can donate food into for local food banks, so I am going to kick start our Christmas with helping others. I really want Logan aware that Christmas is also about giving and appreciating what we have, yes presents are fun but nothing is better than giving and seeing someone smile; my educating him with giving will hopefully blossom his views on christmas. Here’s the fun kids advent calendars I have found.


  • I would have to fight Rob off with this Minion Lego advent calendar, if I got it for Logan. Last year we got Logan lot’s of big building bricks for Christmas they where a big hit. This minion Lego set is £19.89 from Ebay, I want a girly lego set now… I wonder if I can find one. Do you like Lego? – Is there such a thing as you are too old for that?!.. okay I might have gotten stuck in the toddler swings before, I was for sure too old/big for that.




  • Logan just loves to squish Play Doh into our carpet, luckily it scrubs up easy enough. This Play-Doh Doh and Design Advent Calendar would entertain him for hours… Yes! Quite time for me, I think for £12.99 from John Lewis it’s not a bad price.








  • You can never have too many car related toys with a toddle, I like this Vtech Toot-Toot Drivers Advent Calendar; the parts would add to Logan Vtech cars collection. The box even folds down to make a road, IWOOT stands for i want one of those… a good site name because Logan would for £24.99.






  • Not on the high street have the best advent calendar idea that I have seen, a bunting advent calendar and it comes with all the sweets. If you had the time and no money spare for the £24.95 price you could maybe make one, I like that you can hang the bunting…  high away from little fingers, I am already dreading Logan with a regular chocolate advent calendar; Logan reaches everything.






  • I respect the fact that some parents would rather their child/ren did not have chocolate, or even sweets. Way fair have some lovely Christmas characters with pockets, you can fill them with anything. I would fill it with a note each day noting a christmas related activity i.e crafts, a movie, giving to others. My favourite sack is only £8.99, I love the elfs pointy ears.






I must sneak in a chocolate one I found that Logan would love, this Gruffalo advent calendar. We have all the Gruffalo books and I love the below winter style illustration. we would do a book a day advent calender, that’s if our shelves werent already over flowing with books. The Calendar is £5.99 from the Calendar club.


Which one would you go for? Or have you already found a great one you child/ren would like?








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