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Adult advent calendars ✨

Can I blog about Christmas yet? Yes! Where on earth has this last year gone? I guess they say time goes fast when you are having fun. Firstly what do we think about apart from shopping for presents? Advent calendars… I have always had a chocolate one and thought this year I might see what other ones are available for us adults. I have found some pretty cool ones that I have to share with you, do you like the basic chocolates one or do you like something a bit different? I am also very excited to make a food bank advent calendar out of wine boxes, I saw the idea from @JulieVanRosendaal. Here are just some calendars that I have found, please comment if you have found any other fun ones.



  • 0417599_l.jpgRob loves lego, he would love this Blox Advent Calendar set from Wilko. I like that he could have fun with it building cute christmas toys; Rob is such a big kid. The creations could sit next to his lego built super hero men, This set is also only £5.00! I might have to treat him.




  • I am a sucker for beauty products, which reminds me I really do need to clean my makeup. I personally am very snobby with my brands, I would get this for a younger me; I just couldn’t betray my relationship/obsession with Mac cosmetics. I think the packaging is so pretty and sparkly, are you fussy with what makeup you wear? This set is from Flamingo gifts for £17.99, down from £19.99.





  • Bath products! I think I have stated my love for a nice bath bomb and bubbles before. This set is so dreamy, my kinda dreamy; Do you like bath products? I don’t know what I love most about them, maybe it’s just that sweet smell that clings to the skin. This set is £25.00 which containing 24 mini Mallows, Creamers & Soaps I think it isn’t a bad price at all from the online store Looking again.




  • I am convinced products get me with their smells, this Yankee advent calendar set could fill my evenings with glee. I am guessing that they contain baby candle jars, I bet they look super cute; my sister would love this set… as well as myself. Boots are selling them for £20.00, I might have to pick one up today while passing through my local town.





  • A vodka advent calendar, I don’t think I could drink the one shot a day; I could always save them up. How is it £99.95! This product is amazing but not in my price range, would you get it for that much? They say it contains the best vodka, from 32Dover.




  • I have found some great sets, I might be naughty and also get this Lindt and sprungli advent calendar. What is Christmas without a bit of chocolate? this is my favourite chocolate and it’s only £5.00 from Tescos; could I stop myself from devouring it all before the 1st of December?



Which one would you go for? I think I am going to get the Yankee candle one, my home would smell so christmasy. I have also found some fun kids one which I will post this week, I am so excited for the build up of christmas. I have worked every christmas since Logan was born, this year we will have a full day together. So I can blog about Christmas but when can I blast the Christmas tunes?



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