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Trevaskis farm: cornwall ✨

I have been to Trevaskis farm four times this year, the first time I went I did not know they had animals and such a big site to walk around. I didn’t take Logan on my first visit so once I had explored I had to come back with Logan a week later.

After eyeing up their food on each visit we finally got a table and got their mouth-watering roast. I had a lamb roast and paid just over a tenner for a very full plate, the 40 minute wait wasn’t as delightful, then I think they forgot our order. Once our food did arrive and we finished the lot we ventured over to the cake selection, how is a girl suppose to pick just one when there’s so many begging me to eat them?! You can get a slice or five to take home the lady said… My fridge is now full with cake; the below picture only shows half of them (at the farm, I wish my fridge was that size to fit more cake in it).

This summer we went and did their strawberry picking which I mentioned Here, with that being so fun we had to go back and explore their pumpkin patch in the Autumn. I didn’t think the place could get any better, I was so wrong they are constantly growing the amazing site; into such a family friendly place. There are also signs around the site with directions to the different areas, I would have been lost without the extra little help.

The animals are my favourite part about Trevaskis farm, who else just adores animals? Logan is so good at mimicking the cows ‘MOO’ he was very chuffed they responded to him. There was also so many baby piglets, we even got to touch some… the friendly little food beggars; we had no food so they attacked their mummy for milk (Litually they all ran into her to the point that she almost fell over, pigs is a good name for them).

Logan you cannot eat cooking apples! I was in my Autumn element while walking around in the apple trees with the air smelling so sweet, lastly we just enjoyed a nice walk as a family. I was so content in my cosy coat and scarf, the leaves where crunching under our feet. My nephew and Logan had so much space to run around, they ran straight into the organic store on exit. I did stock up on my raw chocolate love, I wrote about raw chocolate here. Do you live in a beautiful area with so many fun attractions available to visit? Trevaskis it has been a pleasure visiting you expect me back very soon (when I run out of cake and need an animal cuteness fix).


7 thoughts on “Trevaskis farm: cornwall ✨

  1. Yeah, there are a good few place’s round and about my locale. Unfortunately my wife is not up to walking to far, and me, sad to say, I am catching up with her, hmmm, does that make sense? Seriously thought I am very lucky in that I have 4 parks, river, small woods, and several lakes, all less than 2 miles away. 3 of the parks are basically my back yard, how privileged, I am. Take care and best wishes,



  2. Yes it does, it’s nice you have the option of seeing beautiful pictures online. Sounds like you do live in a lovley areaI I would love to have 3 parks round the back of mine; then my little boy would live in them haha. Hope you and your wife are able to enjoy the distances you are able to x

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