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This weeks fun ✨ (12)

Make yourself a nice hot drink and take a seat, I sure have/am. Wowzaaas I am ready for my clean bedding and a good nights sleep, has anyone had a fun busy week? I love being busy but I’m so excited for my week off work in a few weeks. Today has been the highlight of our week, here’s what we have been up to; we had two kids today… safe to say my ovaries are closed for a long time. I have not been blogging much this week, I really need to start scheduling a few again when I do have some spare time in my days.

  • Rob and I have loved that I have been home most evenings from work, last month I worked mostly evenings and this month thankfully mornings. Starting from this week I raised my contracted hours, luckily my boss is great and instead of working more days I am working longer hours in the days I do. One night this week we had such a goofy evening, snapchat filters you filled our house with giggles. I always reefer to Logan as a monkey, this filter we used below is perfect. Excuse Logan’s blury face, my monkey can never stay still.
  • I need to stop! Or should I say everyone needs to stop putting yummy food in front of me. At work staff always bring in cake, chocolate and home-made goods. This week my sister came over with donuts and yesterday my mum came over with a big chocolate cake, the day after she had already came over with muffins.
  • Friday night was an exciting moment when I finishing work, I knew I had the whole weekend off. I started my two days of with a few drinks with my friends and doing all the things I hate to do. My rules when going out are no shots! No rose wine, and No going out with no make up and nasty clothes on. I did it all, why did I break all my rules?! It started with me being all cosy in bed, ah sleep and a quick browse through my phone. Snapchat again this week… I saw all my friends where just down the road from me having so much fun, and before I knew it I walked in and started playing catch up. A jager bomb and two glasses of rose downed was not a very smart move for a girl who gets drunk from one drink. I had fun though, what happens on a night out stays on a night out; in my case yeah I remember nothing.


  • Date night, it was Rob and mines anniversary this weekend so we celebrated. I say anniversary it was more last year we broke up for two months and it’s been a whole year since we got back together. We have had a lovely year, the two months apart did us the wold of good. We went to a cinema in Newlyn, a blog post about it coming soon. We went to watch the girl on the train, it is definitely worth a watch… even while hungover.
  • The highlight of our week, or should I say the most tiring. We had our nephew for the day and took Logan and him to their two friends joint birthday party. The party was held at a place called Brewers fayre, they have just recently had the ball pool area done up. The party was so cute and the kids had so much fun in the new ball pool area. The food took ages to come out but when it did Logan really enjoyed his bangers and mash, plus his icecream. Two boys in one day is not easy, they litually bounce of each others energy. We must admit we do love seeing them together they are like brothers, we could imagine us with two little monkeys in the future.

The above picture’s I have noticed more cake, I had a very cake filled week. We had so much fun, I hope you have had a fabulous week and maybe even got brought yummy treats. Here’s a picture of Rob this time last year, the night we went out and he then asked me to be his girlfriend ‘again’ the day after.





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