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The lost rabbit ✨

I have mentioned before how I have always loved reading and writing, growing up you would have found me day dreaming into a book or writing away in my diary. I kept everything I wrote growing up and just last week I found boxes of it all hidden at my mums. I have a folder that has plastic wallets and in each one has items from each year of me growing up; age 4-14. One item that stood out to me was a book that I wrote when I was ten years old, The lost rabbit.


I remember writing it, I was so excited in designing a book anyway that I wanted. I loved pop-up books and texture books growing up and decided to make my very own pop-up/texture book.


I must admit if I was to create one now my drawing skills have improved ‘thankfully’ I am impressed with my added texture skills. The feathers are still soft – 12 years later – I think the rabbits look really funny, you can tell a ten year old made this book for sure.


I must have always loved bright colours, I wonder if Logan would love this book or try to rip it…



I even added a bar code on the back I must have thought of everything! Here’s the blurb. I don’t remember how I came up with this story, have you ever written a book or thought about doing so?



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