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Pretty items of the day: Toddler boy Halloween costumes ✨

Finding a Halloween costume for Logan has been a nightmare! I went to Sainsburys with Logan last week and I told him ‘you can pick your costume’ sadly each costume he wanted was ages 3 plus. With them also being a larger fit than the sizes say, we had to browse the baby section in the store. here’s a few I have also found online that could maybe help you, or should I say your toddler. My toddler insisted that he wanted to be a monster for Halloween, which in the baby section they don’t tend to make scary costumes.


We went with the black skeleton costume, the only one that looks half scary that would fit Logan; he had to put it on the second we got home. Anyone found any great kids costumes online? I also love the George pig top, he would look so cute wearing it to nursery.


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