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This weeks fun ✨ (11)

Boo, I have been blog-slacking this week! Is it just me or has this cold made the days seem more tiresome… I need heaps of sleep, plus a good week off work. Although I am yawning even to this second I have missioned through my week with a smile. I am smiling right now looking through my pictures as life really is beautiful, here’s what’s cheered one sleepy girl up.


  • My pride and joy, the reason my days are full with love. We have loved throwing our warm clothes on and walking around taking in the sweet Autumn breeze this week. With being stuck in while working and rearranging our whole house, we needed fresh air! I always find a nice walk is so soothing.


  • Right before I went to work one day this week, this is what I was greeted with in the morning. My whole house reflected the sweet pink sky and glowed like a fire. I even woke Rob shoving my phone in his face, he didn’t share my love for this picture ‘you morning grump!’ Everyone at my work had a mimic picture of their view on that morning.
  • Really boys? Build a den under our new table… you read my mind. Rob is such a fun  dad, even today they where playing with play doh and painting. They have way more fun than me, I am the grump who insists they can’t surly sleep under the table! Plus I have to save some of my energy to clean up after them…
  • Finally, after three months being in our home we have fully done everything… well apart from Robs office but that’s not my man cave to sort out. With the house amazing and homely we invited Robs family around for some home cooked food and desert. They even want to come back, guess my cooking isn’t too bad.
  • Again with our outdoor adventures! With so many lovely pictures. Logan asked to go out on his scooter today, so before dinner we ventured down to a big park that we are fortune enough to live near. Logan did not want to leave, he could stay there for hours if he could; then what kid doesn’t love parks. Rob then made us pancakes, that man can cook! I have the whole weekend of next week, I am so excited to have a whole family weekend of fun with lots planned; including a date might ❤

Have you had a nice week and been up to any adventures?

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