Childrens book: The three little pigs ✨

If you don’t know the story The three little pigs you have not lived, it’s an old time classic. Well the title is a big give away with who the book is about, three little pigs… vs the big bad wolf.


‘Then I’ll  huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down’ said the wolf…

So what is so special about it being this weeks children’s picked book? We have a lovely copy that is pop-up, Logan loves pop-up books… okay he may have a tendency to rip them, he’s two and learning.


Our favourite page is when the wolf is blowing the house down, Logan isn’t very good at blowing; spit sprays in my direction when he mimics the wolf. We also love how the pig swaying with the pop-up, he looks rather funny (who said pigs can’t fly?)

I have avoided explaining what happens to the wolf on the last page, a two-year old doesn’t need to know the wolf ‘climbed down th chimney to get to the pigs but instead he landed in a boiling pot of soup.’ He would wonder if poor santa has the same fait this coming christmas.


Anyone else avoid reading this part? Or am I just being silly?



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