This weeks fun ✨ (10)

I have been so busy this week, can someone please put a few more hours into the day? I may have had a busy week but a fun one with shopping, good food and time with my loved ones as per. I am so excited for my week off at the end of this month! This week Logan and I are going to have heaps of crafty fun; keep an eye out. Here is a slice of our busy week.


  • First for best… Blogosphere! Do you read this super magazine? I love getting inspiration from each issue and finding new must read blogs. In the moment that I took the above picture I was ordering a few older issues that I missed out on. The magazines were sat there waiting for me when I got home on friday, they are snug on my shelf now waiting to be read when I get five minutes.


  • What has he done? Okay I guess a guy can just pop to the shop for milk and treat you to flowers. They smell so good, they also look so nice in our living room. I can’t wait to grow more pretty flowers next summer after seeing these this week.
  • Thanks auntie charchar, we loved our breakfast/11am snack the other day. My sister is moving away any day now, which I’m gutted about! What am I going to do without her, I think I will have to lock her in my house and not let her go. When she moves we will go months without seeing her, MONTHS! While I am typing this out I realise how much she does for me and Logan, there is a plus about her moving though… SHOPPING, she is moving to bristol and her sofa will be ready for me this winter for christmas shopping.  She can also make me breakfast when I visit her ❤


  • Spiderman, this onesie is just what I wanted for Logan. With the cold creeping up I said to Rob that Logan needs thicker pyjamas. I went on a fun shopping spree with my friend this week, we spent three hours in B&M and Sainsburys. While shopping I saw this in Sainsburys and had to get the thick fluffy play suit. This week I am going to do a winter toddler boy clothes post, those summer things in Logans wardrobe just won’t do.


  • You hotty! Last night I went to a meal with Rob for his end of season cricket presentation. Prior to going I went to my friend’s house to steal her fake tan and have a catch up, while taking selfies with her. – I am going to make her read this – a drunk quote from her ‘I am very drunk, I am going to say this once as I’m feeling soppy and very drunk. You are my bestest friend that I have, you are honest with me and never judge my mistakes.’ All whilst kissing me and choking me with her drunken arms around my shoulders swaying. I was not drunk… I replied with ‘They are all mistakes I have done and learnt from myself, plus true friends help guide each other and support them when they need you! Unconditional love is a trait many lack.

There’s five moments of my week, I love these posts as they will be nice to look back on one day. Have you been up to anything fun this week?


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