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Childrens book: The snatchabook

In every house, in every bed, a bedtime book was being read… Then suddenly, all the animals’ story books start disappearing. Is there a book thief? And who could it be? One brave rabbit sets out to solve the mystery.


Above is what we read on the back that made us give The snatchabook book a read. Is it just me or do we always end up reading a book with a rabbit in it, the little rabbits in this book have the cutest pointy ears. Logan loves all the illustrations in the book, then I do as well; the Autumn colours are so soothing. We also love all the tree houses! they make me want to take a breezy walk in the woods, with the leaves blowing around in the book below the nights sky.

What we liked most was the words, the way they flowed into each other; a good rhyming book. One line being ‘And so it went, night after night. Books disappeared from left and right. Five books here and six books there – the shelves began to look quite bare.’  The book also shows sympathy, without giving too much away, the rabbit helps someone who just wants a friend. The rabbit in the book wanted to help everyone find their missing books then find a solution on helping the situation, again in a caring manner. Anyone else read this book?

Last week we read Guess how much I love you .


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