Logans bedroom: Toddler boy style ✨

Logan ‘my son’ loves his fun bedroom, what two-year old wouldn’t when he got to choose what it looked like. When we moved into our home two months ago, Logan’s bedroom was our first priority. We asked him ‘what curtains do you want? ‘caaaars!’ – ‘what light shade do you want?’ ‘minions mama’ and so on. I would have loved to of made his room slightly more matching but why should I? His room is his room and my girly side had to behave. So all in all his room has different themes going on; cars, minions, Olaf and some peter pan in it. Then looking at his room I would be happy with it as a toddler, with all the fun colours and personal touches he decided. Who else likes their their kids to make decisions? If he asked for a pink wall he would have a pink wall, if he wanted black curtains I would have embraced his wants for anything.

I did get matching bedding for his curtains, I had to add something to go with his planes curtains and chair. Logan needed his bedding changed today and as I had today of work, I got through all my house chores, with that on wash he picked his Olaf bedding… Logan thought climbing in it was more fun than making a bed. How long will his room stay clean? Already he has crashed down his garage and cried begging for me to fix it; for the 100th time today. One plus about him loving his room he settled into moving home so well, he won’t get in my bed for cuddles now, he’s happy to chill in his own room.


I shared my kitchen Here, I wonder if Rob fancies putting the doors on our bed so I can finally share our pretty bedroom. Who else takes pride in their home? We sure do after months of sorting everything.


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