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This weeks fun (9)

All you need is love, aw what a lovely loving week we have had. A new B&m store has opened this week locally and last night before our date night, we got loads of fun stuff for our house; lights, bathstickers, fun food and cool new bed sheets for Logan. Here’s is what we have been up to, hope you have had a lovely week to start of your Autumn fun.



  • The love in this picture taken this week, Logan loves his granddad so much. If my mum and dad walk in he will go straight for him shouting ‘grandaaaad’ then it might be the fact he lets him get away with murder! With my dad living two hours away I understand the excitement when he does see him, the same excitement I felt as a child going weeks without seeing someone you love so much.



  • I have been one lucky girl this weekend, last night Rob and I went to watch Bridget jones baby. I washed my tasty burger down with a beautiful cocktail, made by my favourite place The smugglers den as mentioned before Here. Has anyone been to watch the hilarious show yet? I must say I could watch it again now, I laughed so much I was crying.



  • Today was beautiful and Logan had so much fun with his new friends at a soft area we all took the kids to. After a good few hours he is now one teasy monkey ready for bed, he loved the ball pool the most; his aim with a ball still surprises me he does not miss his target… my head sure knew that.


  • B&m as mentioned has finally opened locally, Logan was in his element for toys. Logan chose to buy these fun bath stickers, they had others that we plan on getting him; without spoiling him to much in one go. We got a few other things at such a good deal, my house is looking rather pretty after our little home bits shop.



  • All you need is one big cuddle, Rob gives the best hugs. I am lucky with all he does for Logan and I, he has just gone out and got food to cook me a roast. We have yesterdays xfactor to watch and munch to tuck into from B&m, where’s the Malibu and my night is sorted ❤


Family is very important to me, I hope everyone has a loving week and time with your nearest and dearest.



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