Two months blogging! ✨

Happy two months to me. Well, I am outright addicted to my blogging bubble, I love getting lost in my thoughts and typing away on my laptop. The blogging world has been such a fun new adventure; meeting new people, being inspired into going out of my comfort zone and just learning new things. My blog is growing at such a good speed I can’t keep up, I have gone from getting a couple of views a day to 100+ a day recently; Plus my instagram has gone from 880 followers to 1300+.

I have no goals, I just sit here loving getting lost in things I find, things I can share with my readers. How has pretty things grown in these last two months? Well I currently have so much more I need to learn and of course I am still a newbie at blogging, then as bloggers do we really know all the ins and outs? are we always learning? My blog is all my own thoughts, I love shopping and have a good eye on what’s in season. I was a rubbish cook before blogging and with my determination to get better at it, my blog has been joining me with all my cooking fun. Anyone just love having a little cooking session? I might not be a pro but it’s fun, plus very yummy. I love writing what I have been up to at the end of each week… what…  I don’t sit here and blog all day? No I do have fun outside my blogging bubble. As of two weeks ago while Logan and I where sorting through his endless amount of books, I figured we read a lot so why not share each week our favourite book of the week. This week was Guess how much I love you. I have been blogging as well each week about my weekly graze box, I am looking for a new subscription box to enter my post box; There’s so many out there to choose from. Lastly I try to each day do a random post, a place in Cornwall, something about how I am feeling or things I love; I guess just what ever I feel like when in my blogging bubble. I have started to carry a pen and note-book around with me… I was sick of forgetting any inspired posts I noted to do in my brain.

I have a busy few weeks coming, I have a maths and a english exam coming up and two months left until I finish my health and social NVQ lvl 2 course… plus I work 30 hours a week and of course Logan my two-year old thrown in with all of this, he can help me do my course work… like draw on it and they extend my finishing date? ha! No I can do it and hopefully squeeze in my blogging. How has everyone’s blogging journey gone since they started? Thank you anyone that even reads my waffling on, now excuse me while I go build blocks with my son; hope everyone has a lovely day.

(Any new bloggers out there completely lost in this massive blogging world? Buy yourself a blogosphere magazine, stick the kittle on and get inspired. Or even just join in with a twitter chat, there’s so many amazing bloggers out there ready to give advise and help.)




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