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My favourite subscription boxes ✨

I currently get delivered a weekly Graze box for £3.99 a week. They kindly bake, pack and delivery my four goodies each week. With loving these weekly treats I have been wondering… is there other subscription boxes out there ready for me to try? After researching there sure is and aw boy I want them all. Does anyone know of any fun subscription boxes? Here are my favourites that I am deciding between, a girl can’t be to greedy and order them all…

  • Book and brew: How perfect! I tend to read through one book a month, with having such a busy life it’s all I can achieve. This subscription box would be ideal, I wouldn’t have to worry about figuring out my next read, With it coming straight to my door plus, You also get a tea bag. Any tea lover, book reader would be in their element for £12.99 a month. Below is some of their past books sent out, the covers are so appealing I would read them.



  • Birchbox: My sister came over the other day and showed me this subscription box online, she got me into the Graze boxes. Anyone that knows me knows I love to have a good pamper session, what girl doesn’t? This box looks so cute and I would love to have a chance at trying new products, Plus I love makeup which they also include. confession, I am a sucker for pretty packaging and by the looks of the previous ones bellow each month they send it in a different style each for £12.95 a month.



  • Chocolate tasting club: I wanted to write that all in capitals finished with a hundred exclamation marks… I have taken a deep breath and gathered myself. I know, I am one junk food addict and finding this box has made my heart skip a beat. Chocolate right to your door for £9.95 a month?! yes please, I will be part of your club and answer honestly if I like them. I might get to fat to go to work and not be able to pay you though.


  • Sweet club: Do I need to even write anything? I presume your attention will be on the below picture and not my writing, -pause- sorry I’m just drawling over this box. I think this just might be the order I go for, hmm… can I wait days for some sweets? Till it arrives I am going to have to pop to the shop and splurge on some junk food. The asking price starts at £7.95 a month, they could have every penny without a complaint from me.



  • Treatbox: Hmm stationery, my new addiction in life. I figured my clothing shopping addiction needed to stop! My wardrobe is about to burst, stationery is so pretty and there’s so much out there to choose from. This box would be nice to receive I could happily find it all a place in my growing stationary cupboard. £13.95 for 5 items isn’t a lot to ask fo,r with the quality of stuff they have to offer.



  • Mygeekbox: wait, no I do not find this box appealing. My geeky boyfriend sent me this direction ‘the website’ the other day, I see the fun side for marvel/dc lovers which is why I am including it. £20+ a month… whaaaat! you pay for very good quality stuff, including a pop vinyl which are pricey on their own in stores; all in all £20+ is very good.


Does anyone have any other subscription boxes they know of that a shopaholic might died and go to shopping heaven for? Which one is your favourite?




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