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Pretty items of the day: Disney christmas decorations ✨

I know, I know christmas is months away but after bumping into these Disney decorations I just had to share them with you. The decorations are limited and selling out fast, I need to buy one of these collectables before I miss out! they start at £11.99 which I think is reasonable for a little christmas cuteness; that I could also use every year. Here’s my favourites.


Winnie The Pooh Open Globe: £11.99 from Disney.

Up christmas decoration: £11.99 from Disney.

Stitch in christmas lights, £13.99 from Disney.

Jack Skellington Light-Up Christmas Decoration, £13.99 from Disney.

Olaf Christmas Decoration, £11.99 from Disney.

Minnie Mouse With Snowman Christmas Decoration, £11.99 from Disney.

Lock, Shock and Barrel Christmas Decoration, £11.99 from Disney.

Who else needs one of these? I need them all.


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