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Graze box #3

The moment I heard my weekly graze box come through my letter box, I knew today was going to be a good day. I love their new packaging, aw so pretty. I am currently sat with my feet up and dipping my apple wedges in the Raspberry coulis; that one of my treats contains.

Below is the list of the four mixed things, I have received this week. When opening your box, you get four different items.

  • Cherry and chocolate protein yogurt topper: Coco granola, soy protein crispies, chopped roasted hazelnuts, freeze dried sour cherry pieces.
  • Mississippi bbq pistachios: Smokey BBQ pistachios.
  • Tuscan pesto kern pops: Cheddar cheese half popped corn kernels, mini basil breadsticks
  • Jam dunk: Raspberry coulis, apple wedges.

Can next weeks box hurry up please? Here’s my last weeks box.


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