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What does Peppa pig teach our kids?

I myself think whaaat? Peppa you are a brat and George stop being a cry baby who then always gets his own way. Not only does Logan now stamps his feet… which wasn’t the first time I’d noticed Peppa Pig’s influence on Logans behaviour; he mimics Peppas fake cry and once called Rob fat ‘Daddy you are fat’. Peppa is a show, that is now not welcome in our home. With Logan now not watching it, funny enough his behaviour has already lightened up.


As mums, we want the best for our kids and Peppa has certainly given me plenty of moments of peace, peace for five minutes till Logan turns around and says ‘veg is yuk'(repeated from Georges lips). I feel so mean taking his favourite show away, but I do think that there are better shows out there. Does anyone think I’m being a dramatic mum and over thinking it? or shared this concerning experience.


Is Peppa pig a good or bad show? are his shared behaviour habits just coincidence



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