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And breath

Today I Conquered the world, okay I Conquered my to do list. But it feels just the same, I have been one busy bee today. Rob was never going to get around to doing his to do list, so I took the; do it yourself approach! I finished painting (he didn’t paint the edges) in our bedroom and I even found the right bulb for my pretty light, that he got me. Which after months of him insisting I would buy the wrong bulb I proved him wrong! (I may of took the whole lamp to four different shops). Rob even claimed I wouldn’t be able paint our bedroom ‘just don’t look to close at it’ I told him when he got home.


Now our bedroom, Logan’s bedroom, playroom, kitchen, bathroom are all finished! Only two rooms to finish; all ready for a snug winter home. I even organised all my crafty bits and bobs, shelf staking it all ruined our amazing shelves downstairs.


Today I also bought myself this personal touch for our pretty display in our living room, then headed off to a kids party… once I had finished all our washing(all washed, dried, ironed and put away) can I call myself super mum today? Rob was gleaming when he came home, to a spotless house. It is now ready for his mum and auntie to come over tomorrow to finally see our humble abode.


A full house tour coming soon ❤


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