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Cooking: Pasta Salad ✨

Sometimes a lighter dish is in need, or even an easy dish to whip up for some guests. Pasta salad is easy and simple to make, here’s the steps I take for my quick but yummy snack.


  • Pasta
  • Tuna
  • Tomato
  • yellow pepper(or green or red)
  • mayonnaise

(You can add any salad ingredient that your taste buds might enjoy)



  1. Place your chosen pasta into a sauce pan full of water to cook.



2. Dice up your pepper and tomato.


3. Place your chopped up pepper and tomato in a chosen bowl, add your tuna.


4. Add your mayonnaise and mix.


5. once pasta is cooked, drain then leave to cool for ten minutes.


6. Mix your pasta in with your salad, and Voila you have yourself an easy tasty pasta salad.



Anyone else have any simple meals they like to make? I’ve been watching the british

bake-off and I’m tempted to attempt some jaffacakes.


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