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Frame: Leonard Cheshire ✨

While I was browsing the web, I saw this weeks Photo challenge. I was at work and there it was, my this weeks ‘frame’.

Pilot Leonard Cheshire, founder of Leonard Cheshire Disabilit(originally Leonard Chesire Foundation). In 1948, Cheshire founded the charity. The charity provides support to disabled people, throughout the world. The first home Cheshire opened was called Le Court, with a total of eight patents which went up to 28 within six months(the patients being disabled ex-servicemen). Cheshire dedicated the rest of his life to support disabled people, combining this with lecturing on conflict resolution. Sadly in 1992 Chesire died of motor neurone disease, at age 74.


Leonard Chesire Disability is a charity and based in the UK, which also runs development projects around the world. The disability charity is to encourage and move disabled individuals towards independent living and their choice, to live their life the way the individual wants to. In 2013-14 the charity was placed in the top 40 of UK charities. By 1992 there were 270 homes in 49 countries! the homes and services in the UK and Isle of Man are run by the UK charity. Over 200 other Cheshire homes and organisations around the world exist, run independently but affiliated to a Leonard Chesire Global Alliance.

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