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Cornwall: Newlyn fish festival ✨

Every year at the end of August, newlyn holds a fish festival. I tend to go there with my family, to enjoy all they have to offer; food, music, stalls, boats and now with Logan; facepainting, crafts and story time. Today we where also fortunate enough to be graced with the presence of the sun! Is summer finally here? (Nope… Rain is forecasted for tomorrow). Here’s a few pictures and paragraphs on the things we have enjoyed today.

Firstly we had to fill up on our favourite Newlyn chippy. Cheesy chips and curry sauce is just what the doctor ordered, especially after the Super Sunday celebrations.


Logan loves boats, he could have watched the boat show happily for hours. I didn’t get a picture of the show, Logan needed lifting up to see the boats. I can say that there was alot of waves, Logan shouting ‘yaaaaay’ and there was also a lot of people watching the show.

There was so many small local business stalls, food, jewellery, clothes, crafts, ect. My favourite stall was the ‘Granny Moff’. The second I saw it, the whole layout had caught my eye. I love going to local events! Especially seeing all the hard work that people have put in, to create their dreams. I’m defiantly one for supporting local businesses.



One big building was where all the awful smelling fish was sold, my nephew was scared of the lobsters and Logan just stared at them in amazement. We didn’t linger in that area for long, my hungover stomach wasn’t agreeing with the smell.


Spending my birthday at the fish festival was quite enjoyable today, family time is limited in our busy working household. Can the day start again, just so I can do it all over again? We had icecream and loved the music, my nephew and Logan even showed us their unique way of dancing, right before going on some swings.


Did anyone else venture down to the newlyn fish festival, or been before ?

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