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Beautiful challenge ✨

This week on Facebook, I have been nominated three times in the bellow challenge:

Beautiful The Way I Am” – CHALLENGE.
Thanks for the challenge 🙈
I was challenged and now I’m challenging you! 😊
Upload 3 photos of yourself (ONLY you) that make you feel the most beautiful! Then nominate 30 (if you can) or more, gorgeous women to do the same. Build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down!! Let’s share all the beauty!!
Tap and hold the status to copy it. Now go to your profile to share your photos, add the text and tag all ther other beautiful ladies in your life.
If you are tagged, you are nominated.

As women the world can be a judgmental and harsh place to develope ourselves, or even impact the way we see ourselves. When we try to build ourselves up in self love, their’s people who often try nocking us down. Here are three pictures that make me feel beautiful.


imageimageI often get told that at size 10 I’m too skinny, that I need to eat more(three meals a day is standard I thought!) I’ve been told I’m too pale and need a tan. This is what I am and Yeah, maybe bigger boobs would be nice, but I’m happy with the way I am. I once looked at my nan in question when she called me beautiful, I simply said to her ‘that it is just my make up that makes me look pretty,’ my nan laughed at me, then sweetly said ‘ makeup can only inhance the beauty you already have’ – wise words pretty lady – ❤️

I nominate everyone, there’s no set 30 beautiful women in my mind. We as individuals are all beautiful and unique.



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