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I’ll do it later – my mans reply βœ¨

I’m getting ready for bed as you do half ten at night, feeling real cute in my nighty, so what’s a girl to do other than take a selfie. Selfie taken and ten others (nine gross, one postable) and I realise to my disbelief, I’ll do it later has still not happened! Right take note of this picture and ignore me in it, what do you see? The bloody wall, look close at the edge… White edges… Unfinished! It’s been like that for a good few weeks now. Why does, I’ll do it later never happen? My other half also has some doors, to put on to hide those heels; Again, it’s a I’ll do it later job. EY, Rob stop ruining my selfies and pretty please, do it now! Okay let’s be realistic, tomorrow… I need to sleep in that bed, without a drill in my ear or paint dripping on my head- this isn’t some saucy phase . πŸ˜‚


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