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Birthday wishlist βœ¨πŸŽ‰

Three days!.. until it’s my BIRTHDAY! Can you tell that I’m excited? I’ve been looking online at things, that I think would make my day that little bit xtra special. Bellow are just a few item I neeeed! My mum has know for months, just a few of the dreamy items on this list that I want.

I cannot wait to party with all my nearest and dearests, sunday night (super sunday, be ready for us). I plan there to be lots of cocktails, malibu, music, waaay to much tan and messy pictures. Now for the wishlist ❀

  • Urbany Decay, you have outdone yourself with this Alice Through The Looking Glass Pallet. I would love and cherish you forever, if you made it into my make-up collection. Fingers crossed this pallect alone, would put a smile on my face.
  • Bath bombs, the sad reality is I’m allergic to them. Then again I only get a rash sooo, I don’t mind a rash for that moments joy, with pretty colours and the smell. (hmm)
  • A photo album, I already have many on my shelf, that my mum has gotten me since Logan was born. Seeing as they are all full, I need another one to add too. I love the flower one.
  • Pillow, I posted a few pillows for my pretty item of the day hereΒ The other day, the moon one is just so adorable! I could happily find it a place in my home.
  • flowers, it’s no secret that flowers love to make an appearance in my home, I love the way they just bring life to a room.
  • CAKE, I hope I get a cake! If it came down to presents or a cake… Cake wins. I’m not even talking about a big fancy one, anyone remember the caterpillar cake growing up? It’s my favourite, maybe if I flutter my eyes lashes at Rob, he might be a gent and get a girl a cake.

Looking at my list I dont really want a lot, I don’t even mind if I get nothing.(There had better be cake!) As long as I see my favourite people and have a nice chilled day, I will be happy.


Monday, I will announce the winner to Β My Give Away .Β Give it a like to maybe get your hands on the cute washi tape, note book and pencils.

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