Pretty item of the day: Book mark ✨

I did find the sequel to the book Me before you which I mentioned a few weeks ago in my Pretty items of the day … Post. The book After you is sitting snug on my shelf, which sainsburys are selling at the Minute, plus Cheaper compared to other stores. I am still making my way through the the first book! Which I am enjoying.

I begged Rob to come watch the film with me on its release date, I so hope they do the second book into a film. Rob was cute when we left after watching the film, he smiled at me and said ‘Do you what I love most about that film? Lou reminds me of you, her bubbly personality, caring manner and dress sense…’ EY! I so don’t dress like her, I say this while looking down at my black and white pokadot leggings…

So I have these two books plus about 100 others, I need a bookmark. I have lost count on how many times I’ve put my book down and forgotten what page I’m on. I think this Magnet Ice Cream Set Will suit quite well with my growing book collection. At only £2.00 from Etsy, into my shopping basket it goes.




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