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Graze box #1

The other day I posted about the Graze box ✨ my sister had ordered and received. She had inspired me into to ordering one for myself, After her kindly giving me a £5 off voucher. (Thanks you beaut 😘)

On reviving my box, It’s just like Christmas morning with your selection boxes. I am looking at all my fun new goodies and not sure on which one to go for first (hands off Rob!) I am excited to get tucked in, or maybe the boxing is to cute to open any of it.

bellow is a list of the four goodies I have recieved in my box this week. When opening your box, you get four different items.

  • Golden flapjack: traditional oaty flapjack. (Three slices)
  • Tomato and basil pizza: cheese flavoured cashews, basil crunchini and mini tomato breadsticks.
  • Cookies and cream: Sunflower seeds, mini cocoa cookies, Belgian white chocolate buttons and Cornish cocoa fudge.
  • Lemon and poppy cake with an afternoon infusion.


I have have also received two £5 off vouchers, fancy giving these snacks ago? The first person to comment can have one of the £5 vouchers. Simply comment ‘yes please’ and I’ll message you the code


My boyfriend stole the flapjacks from me this morning!(I drafted this up last night) He said they where really good and fresh. I’m currently enjoying the Lemon poppy cake, I’m not to keen on the tea thou. Anyone else recieve these boxes? Which one would you like to try?



I wonder what next weeks box brings.

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