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1 month blogging ✨

WOWZA! Today marks prettythings2016blogs one month anniversary. With 988 views so far I’m pretty chuffed with what my blog is blossoming out to be; it’s full of, pretty things, food, toddler, fun, fashion, grazebox and so much more.

I knew when I started that I loved writing! But aw boy, I’ve for sure learnt a lot in the last month. I read back to my first posts and as stated in my  Hello first post ✨ my grammar is pants! On the sunnier side of things I’m getting better, I even do shorter sentences. If you read my paradise park ✨ post, I did a whole paragraph with no full stops.(oops) I am tempted to go back and sort out the grammar mess!

Anywhoo, this post is just a short but sweet thank you to my 37 followers for reading and liking my posts(plus the people who are just stopping by to read them). I have a few things up my sleeve I’m still holding back on posting, hope you are enjoying this blogging adventure with me.

Hope you are having a pretty day, we are off out with friends before heading to the doctors 👎🏽 🌻

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