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Raw Chocolate pie ✨

Are you looking for a chocolate that is dairy free, gluten free, soya free and contains no refined sugar? Then this chocolate pie might just be what you are looking for! This chocolate pie is ideal for coeliacs, diabetics, anyone suffering with a lactose intolerance, vegans and vegetarians.(or anyone like myself that just loves the chocolate) Here you can find out the additional information on the company’s delicious ingredients. At £2.60 per 60g bar, it’s not a bad price to get a little piece of yumminess.

Bellow is a few of the bars you can get your hands on, plus there’s lots more on the site Here


Do yoy like fudge as well? They also sell raw fudge for £2.35 per 60g bar. There’s four to choose from… that are also without dairy, gluten or any added sugar.


Plus! If you like both off their fudge and chocolates, you can get their Raw Combo Pies that are half raw chocolate pie and half raw fudge.

Anyone tried this yummy creation? I have a fudge bar in the fridge ready to be devoured.


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