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Rare: Empty basket. ✨

My first Photo challenge:

Sometimes in life, you realise it’s the simple things that give you a moment of delight, in your day to day life. My whole life all I have wanted is to be an adult, now I’m 21(nearly 22) can time slow down? Between work and raising a child I look around on my day off for something I see as -Rare- and there it is without a dout a momemt of delight. How does a busy mum feel when she goes to the wash basket, dreading the day chores ahead? To only realise it’s empty! No washing? I feel tricked… I search the house, has someone hidden the washing? Nope, other than the odd stray sock, I can see the bottom of the basket. Now that is one rare moment I’m beaming about, washing is my most hated -bore- chore.

A rare moment in a simple life, A rare moment for a simple person, a rare moment to appriciate. ❤

imageI’m now sat down chore fee with some Raw fudge, Raw fudge you ask? Check out my Raw Chocolate pie ✨ post to get your hands on the treat.


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