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Pretty item of the day: bath mat – help! ✨

Where on earth has my bath mat gone? I’m so confused, I put my bath mat out on my washing line… poof. gone. My bath mat was so perfect and I even have some Pretty towels to match it.

I went to sainsburys today in the hope of replacing it with a long lost twin; Just my luck there wasn’t any! What’s a girl to do!? So, I went on the sainsburys online store and oh yep you guessed it; nothing! I searched and searched , But with no luck. So I am admitting defeat and getting a different one.

This one Here is the only one I reasonably like (nothing will be as good as my lost one) Maybe I can jazz up my bathroom with some matching ornaments or something , (I’m pouting in a strop as I write this)  yes ornaments, OR can someone make me ‘MISSING BATH MAT’ posters please!?

Confession, I didn’t peg it down when I put it on the washing line; Yes, I hear you ‘STUPID’ (eye roll) It was wet, it was heavy I didn’t consider the fact it would get lighter as it dried. imageNow looking at the above bath mat, I think I can get over the ordeal, a good reason to do some online shopping I guess.


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