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New home… wish list <3

Now it’s been just over a month since moving into our new home. (Is it still a new home after a month of living here?) Now we have ‘nearly’ settled in -all work and no time boo- we still have a few things we would love to add, to give it that extra personal touch. P.S moving house is not fun, it does not all happen in one day and you might just want to stare at the unpacked boxes for a week; plus you might have to spend days cleaning any possible pre lived in person germs!

Confession we still have our third bedroom -Robs office-  full of unpacked clothes and Robs business paper work.(I’m not sorry, I’m one tiered working mama, there’s hope that Rob unpacks it).

Here’s our wish list…



I adore that Every cloud has a silver lining canvas! What’s your favourite?


2 thoughts on “New home… wish list <3

  1. Hack: Instead of buying the glass jars, you could always reuse your Douwe Egberts coffee jars. The lids have a really great tight seal. Of course you can add the chalk stickers too! They do come in various sizes as well 😀


  2. Ah thank you! I need to stock up on coffee jars 🙈 I went to saisburys! I got the book I wanted and Logan way to many new clothes. I’m avoiding shopping for myself this week … my boyfriend might of got the hint for my wants, for my birthday next week x

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