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Graze box ✨

Aw how I love my family, my sister has inspired me into ordering a graze box of goodies. After my sister sent me the picture of the tempting box, she also threw in a code for me that they gave her, a £5 voucher… you sweetheart 😘  bellow I have screenshots of the step by step actions to take! Such easy steps to get your hands on a box and things you will like to try. All for £3.99 a box, first box half price.

(Firstly the picture that tempted me)


Click and get started here



It’s great that they even ask you what foods you don’t like, plus if you have any allergies. Once all complete you also get the full list of goddies; click, bin, try, like or love on each goodie. If you click love you will more likely receive those chosen items, If you bin… your taste buds will be saved from your less loved foods. Hope you enjoy your box if you have order one, mine needs to hurry up and arrive.


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