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From a carer✨

I feel, I care, I love. You are not just a person I ‘care for’ you are a person with feelings emotion, pain and wants, an individual. I took my job blinded, I went in with nothing! No skills or knowledge. I am human, I am learning and you teach me so much about myself and how I see life; Life can be cruel, Life can be sudden, Life is a guess. I guess we do not know what is around the corner, we do not know that one minute we are so lucky and that can be taken away in a flash. My heart goes out to all in loss, to all in need, to all who did not expect the card they where dealt with in life. But one thing I can give, I promise to help you appreciate what life you do have, how I can help you achieve what seems impossible. I promise to treat you kind and to always make you smile, even when I might be having a bad day… yours will always be worse, where I feel like rubbish you might be in pain; I might be tired, yet you might have the desire to just get up and out without help.

Care work is far from easy! I could work in most stores on alot more money, I do not care about that. I will never work in a place I do not love, three years doing care and I will never look back! I love helping people and going that extra mile for someone. I don’t do it for me I do it for them, for people that need a reminder there is help through the hard times in life.

Thankyou to the cards dealt for me to be there for others and be privilaged to be in their lives.  I have met the most inspiring people and I will never take for granted what I have.




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