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First two weeks blogging ✨

I have been blogging for two weeks now.  I started with the the fact that I wanted to expand on my Instagram love, pictures, life, parenthood and pretty things that I love (hence the name), oh how I knew nothing!  After long hours spent agonising over failings with fonts, layouts and simple things like figuring out how to insert a ‘read more tag’, (stupid me it was on the visual board)… I still have sooo much more to learn, but so far so good. Well over 300 veiws I must be doing something right?  (My blog posts structure bellow)

I needed to think about what I want people to see from me.  I have a little addiction to online browsing (in other words shopping), so I combined that in with my want to post something daily – I.e Pretty Item of the day: Mac lipstick ✨ I’m experimenting and the blogging world is my oyster! ❤

I love food, and if you have read some of my other posts you may of guessed that. I might love food but I’m a crap cook but there’s always room for improvement I tell myself? So anyone following for my food posts, I will get better hopefully/ maybe… !

Parent life – I wasn’t sure about how I wanted to blog about this, so I am holding off expanding my blog in that world and trying to keep it simple currently. I have made one post about Mum guilt ✨ which is something many mums may struggle with.

Weekly fun posts are my favourite. My weeks fun pictures get posted to my Instagram and my blogs a fun way to add descriptions on what we got up to.

Cornwall is where I live and as many know, what a beautiful place it is. I will have no structure as to how often I post about Cornwall, but if I go somewhere amazing I will for sure share how amazing it is. ❤

Future… I have so much in my drafts currently, stuff I am yet to squeeze into my posts (poetry being one). While revisiting my love for writing I found myself thinking and let my heart do the typing, which has often led to a poem. I am posting one tomorrow, one I think is very powerful on the way I see life.

I do not inspire to make money from blogging or becoming a pro.  I am revisting my love for writing; that from lifes choices I took a different path way from something which I use to really love. Saying that, when I was about 16 I started a blog and I think I posted twice about how much I loved my then boyfriend…  cringe! I need to locate this blog if it’s still it out there.

I hope I find my blogging path and a good structure on what I post- trial and error will make it happen I’m sure. All thoughts and writing on this post are mine, two weeks in and I’m already addicted! Thank you to all who have taken the time to like my posts , viewed them and followed me. ✨


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