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Top blog posts ✨

While starting a blog these last two weeks, I’ve had a little nosey around at other bloggers pages. Here are just a few of my favourites and why.

  • Our weening journey – derbydeensandme- This blog post gives some yummy ideas (Turkey jetters, chicken fingers, waffle, fish fingers, vegetable fingers…) For other parents to maybe intruduce to their babies, while on their own weening journy. Each journey is different, some babies being picky, some loving everything they eat. When I was going through it with Logan I was very lucky he loved anything and everything!
  • The sweetness – dexetralan- We sometimes get so lost in our busy weeks and tiredsome days. For me personally I forget to just sit back and appriciate Logan and the things he does that make my heart swell. Here is something I’m enjoying about Logan right now * His kisses, his hugs and the words ‘I love you mama’ is that three things? oops! The list could go on, lovely post.
  • The inexplicably bad day – destinyfittis – Was it a bad day for everyone day yesterday? As I had the worst day! All starting from my beautiful bath mat going missing off my washing line. My phone is no where to be seen and the traffic making me late for work. It all seemed ten times worse just from the bad mood I was already in, for no apparant reason what so ever. On the plus I had a lovely day today. Hope this blogger had a better day.
  • A dozen kids books that make you laugh – momsblogsucks – Reading is important to us and our relatioship, It’s something we love to do together each night before bed. This post is perfect, Logan and I love a good laugh, we will have to invest in some of these books. Just reading the title ‘pout pout fish’ made me laugh sounds like a must read; I also agree with Momsblogsucks, reading is very beneficial for children Logan has learnt plenty of words from us just reading.

Anyone else got some must read blog posts?

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