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Pretty Items of the day ✨ Zara kid: Boy

Zara is my favorite online shopping site, if you like Logans batman top and leggings outfit in my This weeks fun ✨ post this is the where they’re from. I got them a few months ago, so saddly they are no longer selling them, from what I could see. On the plus I have spotted some equally amazing outfits, ages 3 months to 4 years that are now on my must buy list.



  1. Fox Tshirt, £8.99
  2. Bear leggings, £6.99
  3. To the moon and back top, £4.99
  4. Denim shirt, £12.99
  5. Striped topStriped top, £3.99
  6. Tree jumper, £12.99
  7. ABC top, £6.99
  8. Sneakers, £17.99
  9. House sweater, £16.99
  10. Cardigan, £10.99

The Fox Tshirt is my favourite, you can’t go wrong with a cute fox.



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