Pretty items of the day: Next toddler boy clothes ✨ New season

What to do when you have a toddler forever growing, forever getting muddy and ruining nice clothes? shop around for cute new clothing. The latest next sale was a delight, sadly I didn’t go right on the opening at 5am. 7am daily wake up call by logan is torture but 5am I would have cried. Most of the bargains had already been nabbed in the store, a few tops, a coat and socks later I still got a happy bag full. Here are a few little bits I have my eye on for logan’s wardrobe, sales always means new stock it would be rude for me to not take a little look:



.Oatmeal and dinosaur joggers, Next store £14-£16

.Batman top, Next store £9-£10

.Acid wash jeans, Next store £12-£13

.Jungle book top, Next store £9-£10

.Pack of three monkey tops, Next store £13-£15

A little look has turned into me wanting everything 🙈 next has so much to offer, especially as there are so many different styles, sizes and colours. My favourite is the Jungle book top, all the different colours could mean a little stain less noticable, bonus.

Like kids clothes? check out my pinterest for the latest must buys Here 🙂 ✨






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