Pretty item of the day: Washi tape ✨

Diary lover? weekly planner? or just simply into arts and crafts? Washi tape is such an easy and effective thing to add into your creativity. At the minute I am starting a scrap doodle book to add some drawings in. Washi tape has made my first page so eye catching, here are a few lovely ones I have added to my forever growing need ‘want list’ at £1:00-£3:00 price range for them, It’s a cheap little treat for yourself.


il_570xN.744341871_d8h1[1] il_570xN.1060506493_j0bp[1] il_570xN.1013981560_8hho[1]normal_washi-tape-bundle-three-designs[1]s-l1600[1]


.Marvel and DC Washi tape, Etsy online store for £2.40

.Little mermaid Washi tape, Ebay online store £3.76

.Micky mouse and his friends  Washi online tape, Etsy store £2.88

.floral Washi tape, Not on the high street online store £2.36

.glitter Washi tape, Ebay online store £2.89

Here’s a little peak at the start of my doodle book, with my little Washi collection. ✨image


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