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paradise park


Rain rain go away! Lucky for me on my weekly planner I aimed to take someone paradise park Monday, the only sunny day of the week 🌻 It’s one of Logan’s and mine’s favourite places to have a day out, with plenty to do and see. (Logan’s my two year old monster)

I went for work purposes, care assistant taking someone to their favourite place, I happily paid for myself, which paradise park have a special discount for care assistants £12.50 then the lovely lady working let me have the 20% discount on top 🙂 after a nice quick cake and tea in the wheelchair friendly cafe the exploring began.

The petting zoo is my favourite, you can buy goat feed on entry and hand feed the cuties, plus there’s sheep, donkeys and pigs! I ain’t brave enough to feed a donkey unlike my two year old who has no fear when we go, also the bird show is held in that area, one little bird got my attention he run out.. A bird that can run?!

once you get your cuteness fix, there’s so much more to see, these little owls had my full attention.

Throughout the day you get the opportunity to have a picture with a penguin, when going to see them one was right up to the side and touchable, cute but smelly! No guess as to what they eat daily.

Last but not least, the red pandas. That day was really a day full of luck, for the first time from what I’ve seen each visit, they where really active. I spotted two climbing around, maybe foraging around for food for their babies, they had earlier in July. Anyone planning a vistit later in the year, be excited! A new red panda enclosure being built as we speak.image

Who wouldn’t enjoy this beautiful place? Between each enclosure, nature, flowers and lots for the kids/adults to do. the outside park, outside train ride or indoor play area.. I might of been seen on the demons drop a few times on my visits. I might not brave donkey feeding but a demon drop is way easier.

A must finish to the day.. Gift shop on exit, I spent way to much time deciding what colour elephant candle to get, this beauty was a must for my new little shelf at home.  image(elephant teddy’s from the White company)         ✨


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