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Hello first post

Hello, where to start? I wanted to start something for myself, somewhere I can put up my pretty things in life to remember. Instagram is a good place for me to share on ATM and have a reminder when looking back, at all the greatness around, from things I see, experience and love.
Although it’s great, I need something with more voice and emotion, so will a blog fill that desire? Guess I’ll have to find out.image

I’m rubbish at grammar and I will most likely babble on but that’s okay, isn’t that the point of trying new things and learning from them? I’ve always had a need to use writing in my life for as long as I can remember, just putting feelings on paper can be such a lift . That all stopped when I hit age 18 and I lost interest in anything and everything. Β I lost myself and what was important to me. Dont get me wrong I still had the best few years and have the best memories. a little two year old being the highlight. The one thing I’m learning is it’s important to do the things you love and what’s important to you, so hello to something that I can have for myself, a place to get lost in thought. I am still debating if it’s worth paying to get the perks of this site, I went from googling the best blogging site, with no clue to how it really works, any tips or advise appreciated , that’s if people can write back? Or even see this? πŸ˜…

imageHere’s a picture of my little monster, Logan. Looking forward to this adventure, even if it’s just for myelf to look back on πŸ™‚ all credit to the unmumsy mum book, she definitely inspired me to look into a whole new world of social media. ✨




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